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Architects architecting architectureSoftware Architecture Workshop

June 27-30, 2016
Boston, MA


Venue: MIT Endicott House, Dedham/Boston, MA

Workshop Description: Software Architecture Workshop

Instructor: Ruth Malan

Pricing: 4-day Software Architecture Workshop: US$2,500.00
Early enrollment: $2,250.00 for enrollments completed by April 29, 2016

Workshop Registration: To enroll, please email Ruth Malan and we will contact you to complete your enrollment.


What does the Software Architecture Workshop cover? The workshop is described here: Software Architecture Workshop. Architecture topics are covered in the context of working on architecture. That is, we treat the workshop as a lab -- where we develop drafts of the various views of an architecture, and situate guidance and techniques within the context of architectural challenges.

Can anyone enroll? Yes, the class is an open enrollment workshop, but places are limited. This workshop is useful to those who have responsibility for architecture decisions -- practicing solution, software or application architects, technical leads, senior developers or engineers. Managers of software architecture teams also tend to find the workshop useful.

When does the class start and end? We begin at 9:00am and generally end at 5pm except the last day, when we try to end by 4pm.

What is the value of this class? Yes, there is some strength to the argument that architecting skills are learned from experience -- but the lesson is much less costly when it is from someone else's experience! We have focused exclusively on software, system and enterprise architect1ure, effective architectural practice, and architecture teaching since the 90's, synthesizing architecture experience into our approach to architecture and our training classes (first within HP in the mid-90's, and later as Bredemeyer Consulting, since 1999).

Who else should take this class? Having the entire team take the class is an effective way to establish a solid foundation of architecture concepts and practice.



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