Introducing the Requisite Variety Blog

Playing with a “learning chemistry” metaphor: Essentially the idea for this blog is to create an architect’s learning lab of sorts, where we create new insight compounds by tossing a starter into this learning crucible for discussion, so that we can all add various insights into the mix, to create/enhance the combinatory/new connections making learning experience for all of us.

More straightforwardly, what we would like to do with this blog, is convene conversations around topics relevant to architects architecting architecture, extending the variety of concepts and skills, orientations and perspectives, models and tools, and so forth, in our cognitive and practical “toolkit”, to enhance our capacity to deal with the variety of challenges and demands we face as architects.

The format I would like to propose, is that each post presents something for discussion (a model, mechansim or pattern, a story, an example, and so forth, which we then use the comments to discuss. Following some discussion, we would “debrief” the session, adding a section to the end of the post to formally draw some of the main learnings together (reserving the right to add learnings from our experience working in this field for <cough cough> close to two decades.

Update (12/3/12): Given some feedback, I’ll experiment with moving the “debrief” to a followup post.

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