Context Mapping, by Example

I will demonstrate a technique for Context Mapping that leverages David Sibbet/The Grove’s work on Context Maps. We will build up the map incrementally, using the comments on this post to gather input to the Context Map which I will create iteratively and incrementally here.

In a follow-up example, we will do a Competitive Landscape Map, which is a Context Map for a product, service or even business. But for now, I would like to focus on the architect, and use the Context Map as a way to facilitate a discussion of the role of the architect. It is simply a way to create a “big picture” of the landscape the architect plays in.

The way I’d like to use the limited conversational tooling of a blog post to do this is as follows: I will pose a question in the comments, and it would be helpful if you would answer the question as a comment on the comment/question, so that questions and their answers are nested.

Let’s see if we can make this work. Loads of goodwill and interaction required here. :-)